Why is mindset so important to making a successfully midlife transition?

A thought leader by the name of Heraclitus says “The only constant in life is change.”  Assuming you agree that Heraclitus is correct, the next question at least in my mind is how to make the best of change.  I must admit, my normal tendency is to stay safe and avoid danger at all cost.  In the past, I have resisted change because of that tendency to stay safe or on many occasions, you would find me trying to keep my feet firmly planted on first base while trying to steal to second base.  For many years, that worked for me but eventually, it caught up to me.


What I mean is that my mindset has always been to make a change whenever I surmised the time was right.  That went on for years but all the while life was changing right before my eyes.  There was a clash with life changing but I was still trying to stay safe.  An example of that would be when I decided it was time to make some videos to share my work.  It was almost funny to watch myself attempting to stay safe on video.  What I mean by staying safe was not really sharing too much detail about myself. Also, it was me being very guarded and in control of my emotions.  It was obvious that I was hoping no one could see through me.  The first time I saw myself on video I was mortified.  The truth is I had to do some soul searching.  Did I want to share an authentic message to help people or was I more interested in keeping myself safe to avoid making the change in mindset?  The truth be told, I wanted both.  I had to get some help.  My mindset to avoid change was so strong I had to have help breaking the pattern of not wanting to be seen in order to stay safe.  That is when I started learning more about mindset and how powerful the mind could be in helping people navigate change.


Now, many of us are navigating mid-life transitions with varying degrees of mindset.  Don’t get me wrong, this phase of life brings about a plethora of feelings.  It is uncomfortable to think more than your life may be over.  It is not unusual to find yourself with a restless feeling of dissatisfaction with the status quo.  Some people find themselves headed for crisis.  In order to avoid a crisis, it is helpful if a person can adopt some healthy mindsets to navigate successfully navigate change.


Here are a couple of healthy mindsets that have helped get women through the transition without losing their mind:

* I can control my mindset.  For some reason, I find that comforting in light of I like being in control.


* I can learn to think thoughts that will help me navigate change for good.  There are always more than one ways to think about change.  We can do that by telling ourselves different stories.  For instance, in the past, many women would shy away from thinking much good could come from going through midlife changes.  In years past, you would hear thoughts of women aging as something that implied a downhill spiral.   Now, the prevalent mindset is about 60 is the new 40 and 50 is the new 30.  Many women now readily adopt the healthy mindset that aging is just a number and actually believe that is true.


Speaking of midlife changes, what mindset would you like to choose to adopt?  If I may suggest, midlife transition is one of the best times of my life.  You can tell yourself the reasons why this is true.


Things like being an empty nester allows you:

  • Freedom to explore and embrace you in a new and exciting way like never before;
  • Explore a new career path that allows you to perform meaningful work;
  • To grow, advance and transform your life in whatever way you choose.


Now, the best thing about all of this is if you choose to adopt new healthy mindsets, you are now effecting change in your life.


Let me know what changes you wish to effect in your life.  I am curious as to what you come up with.  Remember, I am here to help, to help you shine.