Love it or Li$t it

Have you watched the television show LOVE IT OR LI$T IT?  It is about a couple who own a home they’ve lived in for quite a while. They are usually split on whether or not to stay in the home.  An interior designer and real estate agent tour the home and talk with the couple about what they really want.  The designer goes to work on renovating with the hopes that the couple will love the home so much they will want to stay. The real estate agent seeks to find the couple a new home that they will love so much that they will want to list their renovated home and move.

This got me to thinking about what can happen in business.  Sometimes business owners get too comfortable and allow years to go by without making improvements. Think back to the last time you asked an expert for help with planning renovations in your business.  You may be missing opportunities to make some shifts that could help you work less and increase your revenue.

Just like the homeowners who have been in their home a while, you probably have good intentions but just don’t think there is time for renovations because you’re too busy.  Some business owners think their budget won’t allow for certain improvements but that is not always the case.

Here are 4 simple ideas to start making improvements:

  1. More customers: Instead of spending more dollars on marketing, you can mine the gold that could already be in your existing or prior customers.
  2. Need more help: Instead of hiring a part-time or full-time employee, consider the opportunities and benefits outsourcing offers if done correctly.
  3. More hours in a day: Instead of settling for overwhelm and overworking, plan to reallocate certain tasks or letting go of certain work that is no longer profitable.
  4. More income: Instead of hoping that you will make more money this year, consider a solid financial vision to create the revenue you desire to achieve and plan ahead for how you will deal with obstacles that come your way.

If you could use expert help in implementing these ideas, that would be your next step. The choice is yours to love it as is or accept help to achieve what you really want.

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