Learning from Mistakes

I help professionals have more success in business and in their personal life. Specifically, it is my privilege to help lawyers manage and grow their law practice.  That ultimately means helping lawyers have more success in business and their personal life while working smarter not harder.

All of this came as a result of my mistakes and lessons learned. I’ve made my share of mistakes—mistakes in my business and in my life that have cost me thousands of dollars.

And that hurts.

It’s no joke when you make some mistakes that
cost you money,
cost you time,
cost you relationships or
cost you happiness.

For example, I hired some people to help me launch and grow my business and they ended up selling me their program.  It turned out this program wasn’t the best for me at that point in my business.  It cost me lots of money that I didn’t have to give, and it was very painful.

It was truly awful.

Not only did I regret making the purchase. I lamented over it far longer than I should have. I beat myself up for weeks and months, until I realized I had to get over it and forgive myself.

I look back and realize those mistakes were learning experiences that have shaped me and now allow me to be more confident in helping others avoid mistakes I have already made.

Who knew I would have the courage to start a company based upon my mistakes and failures.  It is an absolute privilege to help lawyers work smarter not harder so they can succeed in life and business sooner rather than later.

Why learn from your own mistakes when you can learn from mine?

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