Forget About Finding Your Purpose, Do This Instead

Throughout all times, people have been searching to find their purpose.  I am no different.  Some years ago, I started reading everything I could about how people found their purpose.  I was pleasantly surprised that there were so many books, articles and resources on how to do it.  Although, I must have been an exception to the rule.  I say that because reading books, articles and talking to experts about finding my purpose didn’t really help me find my purpose.  I’m not knocking that some people have found their purpose through reading books, attending workshops and talking to advisors, I’m just saying this didn’t work for me.


So, the next question in my mind was what is wrong with me and why can’t I find my purpose.  For years, I beat myself up because I couldn’t get clear on my purpose.  I just quit trying.  Finally, one day, my purpose started to emerge.  I always had a desire to help people find solutions to their challenges.  I never thought that was anything special.  Now, looking back, it really began to make sense that my choice to become an attorney was connected to the desire to help people find solutions to their challenges.  However, law was just one chosen way among many that I could help.


What was interesting was the idea that the desire to help people, particularly help people find solutions was something that had been a part of me for as long as I can remember.  That got me thinking….What if everyone was a carrier of something inside them that would be part of a solution?  That, my friend is when I started to look at purpose a bit differently.  I started thinking in terms of living a purposeful life and how to do that.


What about you?  Have you had some difficulty finding your purpose?  If so, think about what characteristic, desire or the like that you would like to be a part of or bring as a solution.


Further, begin asking yourself some questions that could prove helpful in the process of living a purposeful life.


What desire to HELP is just passionately waiting inside your heart to emerge?

In what ways are you not allowing yourself to live a purposeful life?  In other words, what activities are keeping you from making time to live a way that seems right for you?

What if your beliefs, old wounds and excuses were keeping you from knowing how you wish to live a purposeful life?


I’m here to encourage you today to start asking a different question.  Forget about finding your purpose. The truth is, what if your purpose is not at all lost?  It is just hidden inside of you and just waiting for you to uncover.  If you did, you would find that all you have to do is live a purposeful life. What would that look like or feel like to you?  Take some time to start describing your life in all areas, such as, what you would be doing to help and how that would make you feel.  If you can just get the feeling to surface, everything else would begin to take shape.


I’m not normally a touchy feely person but I tried this suggestion some years ago and it works.  Just try setting aside a bit of quiet time, first thing in the morning or right before bedtime to get in touch with how you would feel if living a purposeful life.


What many women reported that tried this was a feeling of peace, pleasure, joy and ease took over their senses when they got in touch with living a purposeful life.


Again, I want to propose to you to look again at purpose as coming from a place of how you wish to help and serve in the world.

I’ll be here waiting for you.  I am curious as to what you discover.  Remember, I am here to help, to help you shine.