Life and Business Transformational Strategist


Camille Walker is a life and business transformational strategist who works with midcareer entrepreneurs and solopreneurs to identify their unique genius and purpose and create a low-stress profitable business.  For solopreneurs who are seeking to work less Camille helps to leverage their unique genius to create additional income streams.

Helping leaders harness their unique brilliance, discover their divine purpose and helping them make a difference in the world is meaningful work.

The market will pay for experience they value to get what they really want.  I help you package up your existing knowledge or skills, market and sell your services without being salesy.  Leverage your zone of genius to create a low-stress highly profitable business.

There’s no greater satisfaction than being immersed in helping leaders get their work into the world.  Camille created a framework Moneti$e Your Brilliance for doing so.

Are you feeling the effects of stress and burn out and looking for direction in your career and life?

It is my goal to help you discover your creative brilliance.  By uncovering your brilliance, it leads to your true calling, then you will be able to rise to the top to impact the people you are most meant to serve.


“After practicing law for more than 20 years, I knew there was something beckoning me.  Taking the time to figure out what next was the challenge.  After some contemplation a step by step blueprint was created to guide people through the process of discovering their zone of genius and converting their expertise into a low-stress highly profitable business.  Sharing this process with countless women passion, purpose and profit came together.  I’ve taken all the guesswork out of the process and put it all together for you.

This work is my passion, purpose and you are my people to serve and support.”


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