5 Areas in Your Practice that Need Regular Attention

There is always a reason law practice owners feel overworked, overwhelmed and frustrated with growing their businesses.  Perhaps you can relate. Are there some areas of your law business that are not working well for where you are right now?

Now is the time to examine all your systems to see where the breakdown is occurring.  Pause. Direct your attention on what is working well and what is not working well. Necessary adjustments will often reveal themselves.

Here is a list of 5 areas that need regular attention:

  1. Your Niche – Are you connecting with your audience and their needs in a way that is engaging them?
  2. Business Systems – Address the work flow, administrative services and cash flow in your business.
  3. Your Marketing – How effective is your marketing? Can your marketing use some optimization in order to get a steady flow of highly qualified clients?
  4. Teamwork – Are your methods of retaining clients, getting the work completed and client exiting strategies efficient and effective? Are you, the attorney, doing what you do best and delegating the rest?
  5. Your Mindset – Are you challenging your perspective on how you see and run your law practice? Are you treating your law practice like a business or a job?

It is not always easy to see things clearly when you are the business owner, especially if you are having to wear more than one hat.  It helps if you commit to scheduling focused time to work on your business rather than just doing everything that needs to be done in the business. The more you’re able to take a step away from the business to gain a new perspective, the more you will see opportunities for growth.

Which one of the 5 areas most needs to be addressed in your law practice?  Pick one area to focus on for a season, so you can measure the difference it makes and realize the benefit of making progress. Celebrate progress as often as you can!

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