3 Keys to Shift Your Life from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Here’s the truth—one thing that keeps people from changing their life is how they feel about themselves.  If a person doesn’t feel good about themselves, it can carry over into most every part of their life.

Even people who appear to have it all often suffer from not feeling good about themselves.  This causes a lack of confidence in their own worth.  It is sad to think someone can have or be able to acquire most anything they desire but still feel so hopeless about their life.

How do you change how you feel about yourself?

Key #1 Know your true identity.  We have to know the source of our true identity.  This requires some contemplation.

Everyone created is good.  If you believe that is true, knowing that one truth will help you identify with good.

Yes, we all came through the union of two human beings but ultimately when we arrived, we already had a good stamp of approval.  Somewhere along the way, we might have gotten the wrong impression about our approval rating.  I’d like to apologize for whomever or whatever circumstances led you to believe you are not good enough.

Key #2 Start spending time getting to know the truth about who you really are so that you can begin to think, see and speak highly of yourself. 

There is nothing like finding out cool things about who you are, why you’re here and what really matters to you.

All of us have traits, characteristics and even some quirks that are unique.  Try to never judge your traits as good or bad, they just are.

Speak kindly to yourself at all times.  Most of us were never taught to love and be kind to ourselves, but it is never too late.  Even when if you think you have royally screwed up, refrain from speaking critical about yourself.  Allow yourself the grace to learn the lesson and move on without criticism.

Now, I hope this suggestion alone is enough to free you up to begin feeling somewhat hopeful.  Another thing that is important is that you stay away from folks who try to bring you down.  If someone doesn’t have a lot of positive things to say, you have permission to keep away from them.

Key #3 Talk about any difficulties, circumstances or challenges that seem to get you down about your life.  Find a trusted friend, partner or a trained professional if need be.

We all face difficulties, that we can overcome them. We all have wins and losses. The best way to move beyond the challenges is to talk about them. The truth is no accomplishment will ever keep you feeling good about yourself forever.  A person shouldn’t have to perform to be considered valuable, but somehow it is easy to get addicted to that sort of approval.  Everyone born into this world has a purpose and is a valuable human being.  Including you!

Now, how’s that for raising your vibe about how you feel about yourself?

Take some time to explore you, what you were made to do and all the cool details about how you wish to express yourself in the world.  Live your legacy!

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