3 Destructive Habits that Keep Solopreneurs From Increasing Their Income

I believed I was competent and good at what I did,
BUT I felt as though I was one of the world’s best kept secrets.

My introvert nature made it especially painful to connect with tons of people which led to challenges with lead generation.  I had to figure out another way and do something different or remain stuck on the emotional roller coaster of constantly experiencing feast or famine in my business.

I’ve identified 3 destructive habits that have kept me from making sales and reaching my full potential. I want to share them with you along with how I rapidly turned things around without compromising my introvert status:

  1. Doubting myself. At one point I thought something was wrong with me because I wasn’t easily getting enough leads into my business.  I had to remind myself that everyone has the same opportunity, it is what we do with the opportunity that counts.  Realizing I am wired differently helped me figure out a way to get myself to do things that are uncomfortable for me.  It is perfectly fine that crowds don’t energize me. After hanging around for a certain length of time, it makes me want to take a nap.  As an introvert, I enjoy people in smaller settings, and that’s okay.


  1. Forcing myself to be someone I’m not. Realizing I will never be nor do I want to be the life of the party helped me accept who I am or more importantly who I am not.  What I started doing when attending networking events was to make sure to get enough rest beforehand.  This helped me show up more energetic and enthusiastic, so as not to come across as disinterested or stand-offish.  Adding a boost of well-rested energy to my authentic self helps me shows up as a person who is open, approachable and friendly. Then the focus becomes how to build quality connections and relationships.


  1. Hiring mentors or coaches that can’t relate. I’ve worked with some pretty successful coaches and had mentors that are wonderful people who know their stuff.  The one thing that has really set me free to implement what I’ve learned from them is getting to know a couple of them privately.  While they take center stage full of energy and work the room with a commanding presence, a couple of them confided that they really aren’t naturally that way.  The best advice I received was to prepare to show up as the best version of yourself and don’t try to model anyone else.

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